Opalescence in Greeneville

Opalescence is a professional teeth whitener that offers professional results. Safe and effective, Opalescence has been the leader in whitening for over 25 years!

Teaming up with your dentist is the best way to get the whitening results you want.  Dr. Lamons and Dr. Lamons Roberson know your oral health and can make recommendations that will allow you to get the best results in a time frame that works for you.  They can also help you understand how the whitening process works, monitor your progress, and treat any sensitivity issues that may arise.  

With a complete line of professional products that deliver professional results, Opalescence caters to your lifestyle.  Whether you prefer to whiten overnight in the comfort of a custom tray, brighten your smile while you’re on the go, or get immediate results with an in-office treatment, Opalescence can help!  To learn more, click here

The in-office treatment is quick and easy. In just one visit to our office you can sit back, relax and in 2 hours or less you will leave with the brightest smile you have ever had.

Fast, Safe and Effective! 

Imagine Smiling Confidently With a Brighter Smile!

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